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Lately drone pilots have been providing realtors with a perspective that was never possible before. Using aerial stills videos and even 3D maps created from data captured by drone potential buyers can now get a comprehensive view of the property they’re thinking about buying.

Real estate marketing work is often done by a single drone pilot working as a freelancer to capture aerial stills and video of a property that’s for sale which the realtor will then use in promotional materials.

Another typical offering these days is a virtual tour of a property which is a video walk through of the entire property including both aerial and ground footage.

Real estate marketing work as a drone pilot requires skills in both flying and in video / photography work. For a typical real estate job you’ll show up at the property get the coverage you need and then go home and work on the raw material until you have usable images and video to give to your client—which means that you’ll need to be able to handle post-production for the raw media you capture to turn it into actual deliverables (i.e., finished photos and videos) for your client.

Types of Missions Drone Pilots Typically Fly in Real Estate Work

Homes, communities, housing developments (i.e., residential real estate)
Malls, shopping centers, business complexes (i.e., commercial real estate)
Hotels, pools, and related facilities at resorts
Golf courses
Large estates that cover big areas of land
Dude ranches

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